Good Samaritan Community Services to Host Episcopal Latino Ministry Competency Group

SAN ANTONIO, January 23

Good Samaritan Community Services (GSCS), in collaboration with Seminary of the Southwest and the Episcopal Church Office of Latino/Hispanic Ministries, will host thirty(30) clergy and lay church leaders for an agency tour and and panel discussion on Friday, June 23rd at it’s San Antonio West Side campus.

The Episcopal Church Office of Latino/Hispanic Ministries has partnered with Seminary of the Southwest to offer a nine-day intensive course designed for church leaders to learn cultural competency and ministry for the country’s Latino/Hispanic population. The partnership was enabled by General Convention 2015 Resolution AO86:Create a Network of Partners on Latino/Hispanic Congregational Ministry Development.

The first Course is being offered June 18 – 27th, 2017 at Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas, where the group will visit neighboring ministries for the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and better understand the experience of Mexican-Americans living in South Texas.

The group is to visit GSCS on Friday, June 23rd from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to experience how the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas has served Latino families throughout its history. The visit will include a history and overview of GSCS, a tour of GSCS’ San Antonio West Side campus, a panel discussion with four Mexican-American community members and beneficiaries of GSCS, and further lunch discussions.

“We are truly looking forward to having the Latino Ministry Competency Course on our campus,” said Simon Salas, CEO of GSCS, “and are grateful for the opportunity to share our history and experience in this ministry field as well as to shed light on the experience of second- and third-generation Latinos living in the Southwestern United States.”

For additional information and questions, please contact Emily Vandewalle, GSCS Public Relations & Marketing Manager, at 210-424-0892 or

Read the Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release HERE.